1000W LED Replacement? What competition?

LED Lighting 1000W Metal Halide Replacements

Noribachi is leading the way for LED replacements for 1000W equivalents. When comparing 1000W LED replacement luminaires side-to-side the reasons are clear.

Our LED lighting fixtures and light engines are not only more efficient but are available in a variety of form factors that can be customized with a wide selection of optional upgrades and application features to meet any specific requirement.


GE Specification Sheet

Evolve LED Area Light

Lithonia Specification Sheet

CSX2 LED Area Light

CREE Specification Sheet

The Edge High Output Area Light

Holophane Specification Sheet

HMAO LED-II Area Light

Cooper Lighting Specification Sheet

VST Ventus LED Area Light

LSI Specification Sheet

XSB Sterling Area Light

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