Why BEST Matters

We manufacture our products using specialized software and processes. We call our solution B.E.S.T. - Bespoke Engineered and Specifically Tailored.

Because we utilize our BEST software and methodology, we can incorporate the latest trends, technologies and customer requests into our lighting fixtures in real time with little adjustment to our factory processes.


Lighting Configurations for the perfect brightness and color

We utilize the best available LED diodes for our fixtures and insure they will last a long time (100,000+ hours). Selection of these diodes includes various color temperatures, colors and brightness.

Each fixture is built with a particular configuration of our patented “lighting engines” which are completely configurable by our end customers.

Just let us know the temperature, color and brightness and we can configure the perfect light (including dimming and daylight harvesting)!


Large Fixture selection with adaptable designs

We have 100’s of pre-determined fixture designs in our catalog. We also provide retrofitting if you have a particular fixture and would prefer to upgrade the lighting to efficient and long lasting LED.

Noribachi Engineering is also available on a contract basis to help you with a new fixture design. Our engineers will work with you to provide that special CAD design as well as manufacturing in any quantity


Smart Lighting

Internet of Things (IOT) has completely changed the lighting world. Today lighting can be used for security, sensors, as well as guiding solutions in parking garages and street lights.

Noribachi PULSE is a complete solution (hardware/software/cloud) for building intelligent IOT lighting devices.

No longer do you need 2-3 vendors to complete your lighting controls and sensors application - we can do it all for you in a single device.

With PULSE we offer a selection of DMX controls, lighting connectivity controls (wifi, zigby, cellular), and an array of sensors (light sensors for dimming, temperature, humidity, CO2, and many others).

Let’s discuss your intelligent lighting needs!