Noribachi is a leading US-based, premier LED lighting manufacturer for high output commercial and industrial applications.

Zippy Kit Zippy-063 Featured Retrofit Kit

Featured LED Retrofit – ZIPPY-063

  Zippy-063 retrofit kits provide highly reliable performance while maintaining the existing luminaire appearance. Our Zippy Kits!  are manufactured with durable aluminum plates, our proprietary light engine technology and come with a universal mount
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wprFeatured LED Lighting Fixture WALLPACK.R

Featured LED Light Fixture – WALLPACK.R

Wallpack.R is a compact, durable wall mounted LED fixture that provides powerful illumination for low visibility areas. This cost-effective fixture is a great 100W MH replacement and its durable design is reliable in any hard outdoor condition. Custo
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FLL.RGBW Color LED Light Fixture

Featured LED Light Fixture – FLL.RGBW

FLL.RGBW features a fully RGBW-enabled light engine, making this LED fixture capable of vibrant color changing effects. Using a DMX controller ( DMX512 or DMX256), red, green, blue can be controlled separately to create over 4 billion color combinati
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Floodlight.XXL LED Lighting Fixture Feature

Featured LED Light Fixture – FLOODLIGHT.XXL

Floodlight.XXL is one of our largest and most high-powered LED lighting solutions. It is perfect for intense light output in large spaces such as stadiums, driving ranges and other outdoor sports facilities. This fixture delivers up to an impressive
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Featured LED Fixture CANOPY.R

Featured LED Light Fixture – CANOPY.R

Canopy.R is a robust LED lighting solution with a clean square design. This fixture has optional upgrades such as button photocell, dimming, Pulse wireless controller or emergency battery backup. The Canopy.R fits up to our 13,293 lumen HEX-063 light
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ZIPPY-084 LED Lighting Retrofit Kit

Featured LED Retrofit Kit – ZIPPY-084

Zippy-084 is part of Noribachi’s Zippy Kits! line of easy install LED retrofits, providing a cost effective, quick shipping option to upgrade existing light fixtures. Zippy-084 has a high lumen output, generating 17,723 lumens at 126W.  This retrofit
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Featured LED Lighting Fixture Wallpack.C

Featured LED Light Fixture – WALLPACK.C

The Wallpack.C is one of our most popular BEST LED wallpack products. This small, compact LED fixture features up to a HEX-042 light engine delivering up to 8,862 lumens. It is available with lighting control options such as photocells, occupancy sen
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Linear.OO LED Recessed Lighting

Featured LED Light Fixture – LINEAR.OO

The Linear.OO, one of our newly featured linear LED light fixtures, is an elegant recessed mounted solution that can add ambiance to any room with its cool, neutral or warm white and RGB color options. This energy efficient fixture delivers 1,266 lum
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Featured LED Light Fixture Highbay.A

Featured LED Light Fixture – HIGHBAY.A

The Highbay.A is part of Noribachi’s versatile line of highbay lighting offerings, featuring our BEST LED lighting technology. This cost-effective and efficient fixture can fit up to our HEX-084 light engine and is perfectly suited for a variety of o
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Featured LED Retrofit Kit Zippy-021

Featured LED Light Fixture – ZIPPY-021

Zippy Kits! are easy to install LED retrofit kits, and fit a variety of fixture shapes and sizes. The Zippy-021 is our powerful, cool white, 32W, 4,431 lumen quick retrofit option that fits fixtures from 5.25″-13” interior length and width. Thi
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