Noribachi is a leading US-based, premier LED lighting manufacturer for high output commercial and industrial applications.

Arealight.V Featured Post Top LED Fixture

Featured LED Light Fixture – AREALIGHT.V

Arealight.V is a uniquely styled post top LED lighting fixture with black powdercoat aluminum housing and a beautifully textured acrylic lens. This fixture’s turn of the century design adds charm to any street, pathway, or large outdoor area. The Are
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LED Light Fixture Wallpack.L

Featured LED Light Fixture – WALLPACK.L

The Wallpack.L is a large, elegant wallpack fixture that provides the perfect, elegant LED solution for wall lighting. This fixture easily installs over previous fixture installation sites, enhancing the appeal of the application site with minimal ef
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Featured LED Fixture Shoebox.S

Featured LED Light Fixture – SHOEBOX.S

Shoebox.S delivers superior illumination along with energy efficiency. This LED fixture is the perfect lighting solution for campuses, parking lots, recreational areas, roadways and more. Trunnion and slip-fitter mounting options are available. Optio
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Featured LED Light Fixture – WALLPACK.H

Wallpack.H is a full cut off LED lighting fixture with clean architectural lines. This downlight has directional illumination providing an elegant appeal to any exterior retail, commercial or architectural application.     Have questions ab
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Featured LED Light Fixture – AREALIGHT.T

The Arealight.T is an elegant pole top LED fixture that is perfect for community parks, pathways, office buildings and more. Noribachi is one of the few manufacturers that offers this fixture, and in most cases it can be delivered in less than 4 week
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Featured LED Light Fixture – BOLLARD.S

Bollard.S provides an architectural ground lighting option for a multitude of applications such as garden pathways, municipal walkways, hotels and campuses. The gentle illumination provides unobtrusive light while still maintaining good visual guidan
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1000W LED Replacement? What competition?

Noribachi is leading the way for LED replacements for 1000W equivalents. When comparing 1000W LED replacement luminaires side-to-side the reasons are clear. Our LED lighting fixtures and light engines are not only more efficient but are available in
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Featured LED Light Fixture – HIGHBAY.C

The Highbay.C is a durable, economical, and highly efficient LED lighting fixture that can deliver 29,540 lumens and function as a 1000W replacement, using only 210W. This fixture is perfect for interior spaces that require both high-efficiency and b
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Featured LED Light Fixture – AREALIGHT.O

Arealight.O is a smaller LED area lighting fixture with a field adjustable throw. This versatile outdoor LED fixture can either be wall or pole mounted, and is also available with a pole mounted occupancy sensor and emergency battery backup optional
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Noribachi Introduces New Highbay LED Lighting Fixtures

  Noribachi announces the addition of the HIGHBAY.A, HIGHBAY.C, and HIGHBAY.N to its popular Highbay LED lighting fixture series. With Noribachi’s Bespoke Engineering and Specifically Tailored methodology, these new Highbay LED lighting fixtures
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