Contractor Affiliate Program

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Become a Noribachi Affiliate and earn an additional $50,000 this year

If you are an Electrical contractor and/or a Lighting contractor in the US, Noribachi has the most innovative program to make you thousands more every month.

How does it work? Consider this example of a three month sales period:

If You Sell
300 Dome High Bays @ $129/ea $38,700
220 UFO High Bays @ $179/ea $39,380
200 Prismatic High Bays @ $399/ea $79,800
240 Rectangular High Bays @ $229/ea $54,960
Total Sales: $212,840
You Make
Your 5% Commission: $10,642
PLUS: $800 Stipend x 3 months $2,400
Your Total Take-Home $13,042

Do the math. If you sell $50K every 3 months, Noribachi's CAP program gets you as much as $20K in product savings, $2,500 in rebates and $2,400 in stipend. That is a total of $24,900 per quarter for a total of $99,600 for the year.

ApplyWe want you to join us so that together, we can change the industrial and commercial landscape in the US.

Our Mission


At Noribachi, we realize our partnerships with architectural, electrical and installation contractors are very important to guaranteeing all customers are thrilled with their lighting solution.

As a lighting manufacturer, we want to extend every effort to ensure you become successful when designing, specifying and installing a new lighting solution. We also realize you have other options for lighting fixtures in the industry which is why we continue to engineer and manufacture the highest quality fixtures at a price everyone can afford.

Given the importance we place on our industry partners, the Noribachi Contractor Affiliate Program offers a way to share rebates while also receiving access to our Partner Support team and other added premium services.


Benefits of Partnership



Direct Access

Enjoy a direct line to lighting engineers and application specialists

  • live_helpInstall questions
  • assessmentFree Lighting simulation reports for precise lighting designs
  • speaker_notesCrossing quotes and specification sheets for lighting substitutions
  • local_shippingFast ship for any last minute fixture changes


Custom Configurations

Create lighting fixtures with specific requirements in mind

  • routerCustom lighting controls such as daylight harvesting, DMX controls, wireless on/off, and many others
  • brightness_mediumCustom color lighting fixtures (lighting temperature)
  • assignmentCustom fixture requirements (ip65 waterproof, heat requirements, variable brightness, brightness controls)
  • format_paintFixture color coating (select any color painting for your fixture)

The Noribachi Difference


Why Does This Work?

Noribachi is a bespoke manufacturer of the best LED lighting fixtures available anywhere in the world. Our manufacturing facility is located in the United States, which means build quality is high and lead times are short. We build our lights to order, and aren't afraid to innovate and adjust in real-time to make sure that everything is right.

We want to partner with you during every step of the customer process, from design to installation, to make every customer delighted with their lighting solution.

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