Featured LED Light Fixture – FLL.RGBW

FLL.RGBW Color LED Light Fixture

FLL.RGBW features a fully RGBW-enabled light engine, making this LED fixture capable of vibrant color changing effects. Using a DMX controller ( DMX512 or DMX256), red, green, blue can be controlled separately to create over 4 billion color combinations for a customized lighting experience. The FLL.RGBW produces up to 5,446 lumens and features optional upgrades such as visors, shields, frosted lens, multiple mounting choices and optional optics. When looking for a versatile RGBW high-put fixture, no other floodlight compares.

FLL.RGBW Illuminated RGBW Color LED Lighting

FLL.RGBW Illuminated.

FLL.RGBW Spec Sheet Icon

Review the FLL.RGBW Spec Sheet.

RGBW LED Installation Photos

Pool RGBW LED Lighting

Highbay RGBW LED Lighting


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