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Digital Services is the technology branch of Noribachi. Noribachi Digital Services is an acknowledgment of the potential of commercial and industrial lighting. Lights are, by nature, powered and ubiquitous; where there are people, there are lights. This provides the foundation for solving complex problems and easily deploying solutions using existing infrastructure, such as providing security, monitoring hazardous materials, and reducing energy costs.

Digital Services
Pulse Specs



PULSE IoT works wirelessly even in the most remote locations using our mesh and cellular technologies

Pulse IoT is a wireless platform that allows you to mix and match sensors, fixtures, controllers, and software to create easily deployable solutions to complex problems. Pulse IoT, created by Noribachi after years of research and customer feedback, enables any light to be a "Smart Light”.

Examples of things that can be done with Pulse IoT.

Hazardous Applications

Working with hazardous materials presents unique challenges. Don’t waste tens of thousands of dollars on new monitoring and safety systems when they can be integrated into your existing lights. Pulse IoT can monitor for smoke, gas, water, and other hazards. A Pulse deployed system will alarm and send notifications upon detection and flash the nearest lights to alert people to the issue. All using existing infrastructure.

Parking Facilities

Managing parking facilities can be complicated by congestion and snow. Pulse IoT can detect and guide drivers to open parking spaces, helping to free up congestion. Add a range detector and snow levels can be detected and alerts sent when the lot needs to be plowed.

Traffic Management

Everything is getting smarter and infrastructure is no exception. Track traffic patterns and administer street lights all from a central location. Know instantly when a light goes out or if there is a day time burning light.




  • doneDaylight harvesting
  • doneMotion/ occupancy
  • doneDusk/ Dawn (photocell)
  • doneVideo/image
  • doneAudio in
  • doneTemperature/ humidity
  • doneRange finder
  • doneMagnetometer
  • doneElectrical Current
  • donePower consumption
  • doneGyroscope
  • doneGeiger radiation sensor
  • doneSound detector
  • doneLiquid level
  • doneAir quality
  • doneGPS
  • doneBarometric pressure
  • donePiezoelectric
  • doneGas



Controls can be triggered by sensor data or manually adjusted

  • doneWireless on/off/dimming
  • doneScheduled on/off/dimming
  • doneAudio output
  • doneIndicator light
  • doneBackup battery
  • doneRemote monitoring & reporting
  • doneEmail notification


In addition to custom Pulse IoT solutions Noribachi Digital Services also offers easy to deploy, off the shelf products. Always connected from anywhere in the world.

Noribachi Digital Services has four primary product lines

Pulse IOT
Orchestrate sensors, controllers, fixtures, and software.

Monitor and act based on changes in the environment. Dim lights when the sun is shining or turn them off all together when there are no occupants in the space.

Wireless controls for color and general lighting. Dim and turn lights on and off from a wireless switch or your phone. Set schedules and monitor usage from anywhere in the world. Control color light shows for buildings and public spaces.

Keep an eye on sensitive areas with audio/video surveillance and motion alerts. Devices can be connected wirelessly across long distances and be optimized for the coverage area.

Designed to fit you

Want more information? Download the Noribachi Digital Services one pager and the Pulse specs now! To buy email or call (855) 283-1100 or Chat with a represenative today!

We manufacture our products using specialized software and processes. We call our solution B.E.S.T. - Bespoke Engineered and Specifically Tailored.

Because we utilize our BEST software and methodology, we can incorporate the latest trends, technologies and customer requests into our lighting fixtures in real time with little adjustment to our factory processes.