Noribachi’s LED Lighting Solutions Make for an Exciting Q1

Noribachi Highbay.M

Noribachi has started off 2014 with a bang!

Forbes List of America’s Most Promising Companies

We were featured as one of Forbes’ Most Promising Companies, which is an amazing honor. It was made even more special because we were the only company listed from the Materials Industry and the only one from the Lighting Industry as a whole. Our goal has been to be the very best commercial LED lighting company out there and this prestigious listing just confirms that we’re doing it right. And on top of that, our CFO and co-founder, Rhonda Dibachi, was featured on Forbes’ list of Women Who Built Outstanding Companies. We’re very excited to celebrate her accomplishments.

Lighting Our 250th Auto Dealership

Following close on the heels of being featured by Forbes, we lit up our 250th Auto Dealership. Our custom made LED light engine retrofits revamped Rimrock Auto Group’s latest showroom, GMC Cadillac of Billings, Montana. The $8 million upgrade of their facilities transformed the location into the perfect automobile exhibit, showcasing the cars in their best light. Our LED lighting products have been used to retrofit all of Rimrock’s showrooms — we’re the very best at lighting up auto dealerships and our track record shows it.

1000W LED Replacement

Have we mentioned that we’re a ground breaking force in the aforementioned lighting industry? In keeping with our theme of being the premier provider of custom-made LED lights for commercial and industrial applications, we’ve released a brand new fixture called MAX TROFFER. This new fixture makes our product line even more versatile and adds yet another quality offering to our 1000W LED replacements. Including our SHOEBOX.L and HIGHBAY.M, we’ve got the best commercial LED lighting products out there and a great range of offerings to replace those old 1000W metal halides. Take a look at our chart that compares luminary apples to apples and how we beat out the competition for yourself.

The Future of Lighting

In our efforts to take advantage of the best and most cutting edge technical ideas, we put together a new light that combines several of our unique product offerings. We have taken advantage of our 24V power inside the light engine and added several peripherals . Our innovative product is called VISTA.W and it features our HIGHBAY.S as an uplight, with a HIGHBAY.M as a downlight.  To the lights, we have added a wireless IP camera, and an AC and a DC power meter and a wireless dimmer and several other sensors. This kind of customization, we believe, is the future of lighting.

We’re excited to continue to provide the most innovative of ideas with our product lines. Sign up for our mailing list to keep up to date with our latest and greatest offerings.

One last thing — we are a United States-based custom LED manufacturer of LED products for commercial and industrial applications. Yes, that means we make all our lights here in the USA. Interested in coming to see us work? Contact us and schedule a tour of our facilities!



Noribachi is a premier, US based, LED lighting and engineering firm providing customized illumination solutions for commercial and industrial applications.

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