Noribachi Announces 3-Tiered Binning Solution

We are excited to announce our 3-tiered LED binning solution that delivers a wider range of applications. The Top Bin, available for a premium, is for design rich projects that require high-performance and specific lighting characteristics. The Standard Bin, which we currently offer and where most projects fall, will provide general LED characteristics and can be used in a wide range of projects that require high-output solutions. The Economy Bin is the most cost-effective option when specific LED attributes are not a factor.

Top Bin LEDs were recently used for a Pixar Animation Studio’s project. “We wanted an exact 2700K color temperature match that would replicate the same light as our halogen lighting,” said Brian Torres, Lead Facilities Technician. “Noribachi was able to engineer and manufacture exactly what we requested. We were able to match the color temperature while decreasing our energy use by 86%.”

Our new 3-tiered binning solution ties in perfectly with our Bespoke Engineered & Specifically Tailored (BEST) methodology. We have always applied our BEST methodology to achieve the highest LED lighting performance and design, and binning will give our customers performance and pricing options at all levels.

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Read the official announcement here.

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