Everyone buys on Amazon, but there is no Amazon for industrial lighting. Why is that? At Noribachi, we are changing that. By going directly to the manufacturer you get:

  • Full pricing transparency
  • Accurate answers on product specifications
  • The ability to influence the product road map

As a Los Angeles-based LED manufacturer, we are embracing the future of e-commerce by making it easy for customers to connect directly to us. We have opened direct-to-manufacturer sales channels through product specific websites, where customers can chat with engineers to get immediate answers to most of their questions, and a dedicated direct sales team to assist with product recommendations on more complex needs, both online and offline.

Embracing these new communications platforms opens enormous opportunities to better serve our customers and gain additional insight into their needs. Customers don’t want to be told how they’ll buy something. For some, the traditional model works. For others, they’re ready to try something new. By augmenting our sales channels we are increasing the capacity and purchasing power of buyers in our marketplace so we can build the best products at the best price.