Agro-Jal Farms


High and lowbay lighting, cold storage warehouse, Agro-Jal Farms, Santa Maria, CA.


In the world of agriculture there are no two things more important than sustainable practice and food safety. Agro-Jal’s strategic thinking has already resulted in the farm’s success at cooling and packaging produce through the innovative use of a snowmaking machine designed for polar animal zoo exhibits.

Applying this same out-ofthe- box mentality to their illumination Agro-Jal selected Noribachi LED lighting because, as they see it, “it’s only a matter of time before the FDA bans fluorescent lighting altogether in the food industry.” Additional benefits come from the LED light’s variable temperature performance. In the 34˚ F cold warehouse HID and fluorescent lighting is severely challenged, taking longer than 20 minutes to reach full brightness and shortening lamp lifetime to less than half. Noribachi LED bulb technology brings instant illumination and no negative performance effects associated with cold temperatures. Without any toxic chemicals LED bulbs guarantee that no contamination of the produce under their glow will occur. Agro-Jal’s smart use of Noribachi illumination keeps consumers safe and produce color intact.


46 new LED highbay fixtures and 10 lowbay troffers make the inside of the warehouse look like a bright afternoon. These join other state-of-the-art cooling technologies in Agro-Jal’s newly constructed cooling warehouse.

Date: May 09, 2013