City of Manhattan Beach


Municipal parking structure and historic roadway lighting, Manhattan Beach, CA.


When the City of Manhattan Beach decided to reduce their energy use they turned to Noribachi for the brightest, most robust LED lighting on the market. The municipality was using a mixture of fluorescents in the parking structure and metal halide bulbs in their historic, ornamental light fixtures along Manhattan Beach Boulevard. In the parking structure the city wanted to increase the brightness and reduce energy consumption while the ornamental fixture retrofits demanded a solution that maintains the original visual integrity.


Noribachi’s LOWBAY vapor proof LED fixtures proved an excellent choice for the parking structure. The new lights use half the energy of fluorescents and deliver noticeably brighter, whiter illumination (see image below). Noribachi also developed a custom LED retrofit light engine for use in the historic fixtures. Using warm-white LEDs provides the fixture’s familiar glow with only a fraction of the power.


Date: May 09, 2013