Homer Laughlin China


The 108-year old Homer Laughlin China suspension bridge in Newell, West Virginia and East Liverpool, Ohio.


The job of a suspension bridge is no easy feat–cables that span the length of bridge support an immense amount of pressure while keeping its occupants right-side-up.  With these physics,  vibration becomes an issue and when you’re dealing with vulnerable metal halide lamps, it becomes a safety hazard.

Vibration caused many of the lamps to fail prematurely along the bridge and at the time of installation, as many as 60% of the lights were out–causing a decrease in toll revenue due to maintenance closures as well as decreased visibility for motorists, pedestrians on the bridge and barge pilots navigating the Ohio river below.


Twenty-eight 45w Noribachi Highbay.M fixtures equipped with 42 LEDs, which produce 6,269 lumens, replaced the constantly failing 150w metal halide lamps along the bridge roadway while four 114w Highbay.M fixtures, equipped with 105 LEDs (15,672lm), replaced the 400w metal halide lamps at the toll booths.

Noribachi’s solid-state LED lights remain unaffected by vibrations and with a rated lifespan of over 100,000 hours, they will never need to be changed within the next 20 years.

Pedestrians, motorists, and river barge pilots now benefit from the considerable boost in visibility due to the increase in color temperature and quality of light Noribachi LEDs provide.

Customer:Homer Laughlin China
Date: June 10, 2013