James Wyatt House


Wyatt Family home, Santa Fe, NM.


Gorgeous abodes demand dazzling illumination. In the cozy atmosphere of a home people have traditionally been drawn to the warm yellow light of incandescents. Which was fine, but now it’s no longer 1980. In our increasingly fast-paced world the home is the last refuge of relaxation. Why spend that valuable time worrying about replacing short-lived light bulbs, the most crucial after dark aspect of your home? Noribachi LED bulbs bridge the gap between the warmth of residential ambiance and highly efficient smart energy technology. Don’t sacrifice your lighting temperature or your energy savings. Get both with Noribachi warm LED bulbs, the ideal solution for the modern homeowner.


Noribachi 9W R30 and several other LED bulbs replaced a range of incandescent lighting averaging 100W. 150 lights improved with Noribachi LED bulbs to save 90% of the home’s electrical use.

Date: May 09, 2013