Keeneland Auction Houses


Auction Pavilion, Keeneland Thoroughbred Racing & Sales, Lexington, KY.


The world’s leading thoroughbred auction house and racetrack, Keeneland is the home of a historic sales pavilion that has sold hundreds of graded stakes and classics race winners, is one of horse racing’s most elite locales. Providing a comfortable and effective stage for auctions is paramount, yet previous HID lighting had caused an uncomfortable glare for auctioneers, misrepresented horses’ colors for buyers, and necessitated the installation of a separate air conditioning system to mitigate the heat from the energy guzzling 700W lamps. After upgrading the sales pavilion lighting with Noribachi LED fixtures, Keeneland increased the overall brightness without washing out true color or creating glare. The new LED fixtures proved so much more capable that only 16 were needed to replace the previous 22 HID lamps. Using a warm white LED allows the auction house to retain an enveloping ambiance of prestige, while full spectrum light output clarifies the bidding process, keeping sellers, buyers, and the thoroughbreds comfortable.


Sixteen 190W Noribachi LED fixtures replaced twenty-two 700W HID lamps. New LED lighting reduces Keeneland’s energy consumption by 84% as well as eliminates the need for an AC system in the sales pavilion thanks to the new LEDs’ minimal heat radiation.

Date: May 09, 2013