Lexus of Memphis


Lexus of Memphis outdoor show lots and service bay, Memphis, TN.


Lexus of Memphis selected a range of Noribachi retrofit light engines to replace traditional lighting ranging from 1000W and 750W metal halide bulbs in the service and parking areas, to 100W incandescent bulbs in the facilities’ interior. A combination of light engines ranging from the 024.LIN to 168.HEX deliver clear, cool white light.


Upgrading over 150 lights with Noribachi LED light engines has helped the dealership generate significant savings on utility bills. In addition to the financial benefit the new lights also produce a brighter, full color spectrum light. This helps makes the dealership more appealing to the street, increases security, and helps the true color of vehicles pop for customers. The Noribachi LED in the service bays helps technicians better perform detailed tasks and inspect cars for potential problems.

Date: September 30, 2013