Lexus of Westminster

"I think the more that we can make use of this kind of product certainly would benefit not only the dealership but the environment as well.”

Noribachi installed over 500 LED bulbs in Lexus of Westminster’s main showroom. Replacing 50W incandescents with 4.5W LEDs and 32W fluorescents with 1.9W LEDs has saved the dealership more than $12,000. Lexus of Westminster has long been a leader in automotive dealership architecture, and their installation of Noribachi LED bulbs has further cemented their commitment to cutting edge technology.


Over 500 lights retrofitted to save more than $12,000.


Like the Colosseum or the first steel-framed skyscraper, the Lexus Westminster dealership defied architectural convention since it’s inception. Well maybe not quite as much, but it still set a new standard in car dealership design. That’s why in 2011 when they decided to up the bar once again they selected Noribachi LEDs for their showroom illumination. The new LEDs pop the car’s colors making the buying experience much more authentic and pleasant. Not to mention that the addition of LEDs longer lifetime and greater efficiency gives Lexus Westminster more time to contemplate their next game changing upgrade.

Customer:Lexus of Westminster
Date: November 07, 2011