Long Beach Airport


Terminal 1’s passenger loading area at the Long Beach Airport (LGB).


In the midst of a major expansion and overhaul, Long Beach Airport decided it was a perfect opportunity to go green. In addition to the construction of a larger, open-air terminal and passenger lounge, they enlisted the help of Noribachi’s first-class LED lights to illuminate their journey to an energy-saving future. The brighter lights will keep the nearly 1.5 million passengers that travel through the airport annually, safe as they make their way from the tarmac to the passenger terminal while lessening the amount of energy used to power previously installed lights.


Thirty Noribachi Shoebox.L fixtures equipped with 216 LEDs, which produce an astounding 45,523 lumens, replaced energy hogging sodium pressure lamps. Construction was completed ahead of schedule and the new passenger waiting area opened on 12/12/12. With the help of Noribachi’s energy saving luminaries, Long Beach Airport’s new terminal is now classified as a LEED Silver facility.

Customer:Long Beach Airport
Date: April 28, 2014