Mercedes-Benz of Billings


Outdoor show lot, indoor service bay, and showroom lighting, Mercedes-Benz of Billings, Billings, MT.


Coming across a high-end auto dealership replete with marble flooring and custom woodwork on the Montana plains was something akin to a mythical quest. That is until Steve Zabawa unleashed his master vision of the new Mercedes-Benz of Billings.

Inspired by a refined, modern aesthetic that maximized sustainability, Zabawa was naturally drawn to Noribachi LED bulbs for their unrivaled efficiency, light quality, and commitment to design. The new LED bulbs were so effective that the dealership elected to install them not only in their outdoor parking lot, but in the indoor service bays and showroom as well, giving each location customized illumination that reveals true colors with brightness and clarity.

Montana now has one of the most luxurious, sustainable auto dealerships in the Northwest, and Mercedes-Benz of Billings has cutting edge LED lighting that reflects their values and showcases the automobiles with the quality they deserve.


Noribachi LED bulbs ranging from 21W to 96W replaced a range of outdated lamps ranging from 100W to 400. In total, 117 Noribachi LED bulbs save the dealership more than $18,000 annually.


Date: October 09, 2013