Old Town Albuquerque


Outdoor pathway lighting and central plaza gazebo, Old Town, Albuquerque, NM.


The allure of the past and tradition is hard to deny; we’ve all mused over the “good old days”. That’s why Old Town Albuquerque, one of the oldest cities in the US dating from 1706, decided to preserve its classic gaslamp fixtures. Retrofitting LED bulbs into the existing lights was a simple task for Noribachi, but custom designing a solar panel to invisibly integrate with the luminaires was a welcome challenge. After intensive research and testing Noribachi created a custom shaped solar panel utilizing an elegant mica superstrate covering to completely blend into the light. Now the fixtures reflect the union of history and technology in a subtly beautiful way.


Noribachi 42W and 21W LED bulbs and solar-LED bulbs replaced 200W and 100W metal halide bulbs. Original, historic gas light fixtures retained and upgraded with custom color LEDs and custom solar hybridization to save 80% on energy consumption.

Date: May 09, 2013