Phillips 66


Phillips 66 Gas Station, Albuquerque, NM.


Distinguishing a gas station just off an interstate isn’t an easy task. Confronted with the multitude of poorly lit cookie cutter operations, Phillips 66 at 2137 Carlisle, saw an opportunity to not only create a beacon for gasoline hungry motorists, but also dramatically reduce their overhead costs. The new Noribachi LED bulbs shine with a clean, white light ensuring that customers feel safe, and have great visibility. The Noribachi LED illumination also brings incredible lighting lifetime. Lasting over 20 years the new LED bulbs avoid the patchy, unattractive and unsafe problems of short lived metal halide lighting. Now drivers feel an overwhelming sense of security and ease, while this Phillips 66 saves money and shines out like a pearl among a drab, repetitive sea of other gas stations.


Twenty ceiling mounted 400W canopy lights were removed and retrofitted with 71W Noribachi LED bulbs. Twelve pole mounted 1000W metal halide parking area lights were replaced with 65W Noribachi LED bulbs.

Date: May 09, 2013