Rimrock GMC Cadillac

  • Rimrock GMC Cadillac LED Lighting


Rimrock GMC Cadillac of Billings, MT


Steve Zabawa, a Partner of Rimrock Auto Group, is committed to adopting cost effective, energy efficient and cutting edge technology for his dealerships. Having utilized Noribachi products previously to retrofit other auto showrooms, Steve chose to use Noribachi’s 1000W LED replacement offerings to complete the $8 million upgrade to his GMC Cadillac facility. The result was brilliant lighting that shows off the best, truest colors of his automobiles and also gives substantial energy savings.


Several fixtures and light engine retrofits were used to complete the project, including our SHOEBOX.L and SHOEBOX.M LED fixtures and our HEX-252, HEX-189 and HEX-168 light engine retrofits.

Date: May 22, 2014