Roger DuBuis Photography

  • Spices in measuring spoons. Photo by Roger DuBuis


On set, everywhere around Los Angeles, CA.


It’s said in photography, “lighting is everything.” Reflecting on this and his work, food and portrait photographer Roger DuBois of Roger Dubuis Photography sought to control the light in his photos by putting the engineers at Noribachi to the test.

Working with flash can be too harsh on certain subjects, especially when directly applied, while spectrum of useful daylight occurs within a small window of time, leaving the only practical option to solid state lighting.

The consistent (and efficient) light also allows more creative flexibility, as the photographer can manually adjust apertures and shutter speeds without being confined within sync speeds that plague flash units. Solid state lighting allows constant, direct light so the subject may change, but never the lighting.


Noribachi custom-engineered two mountable HIGHBAY.S fixtures equipped with 42 LEDs, the brightness equal to that of a 300w metal halide bulb and a natural warmth that rivals the mid-morning sun–4315K  to be exact. Only possible with custom diodes and the company’s new surface mount technology (SMT) production line.

The lights were also fitted with 0-10v dimmers so that DuBois could dial in the amount of light he needed in various situations.