Santa Fe Public Schools System


Thirteen building interiors and five parking lots across four campuses of the Santa Fe Public Schools system, Santa Fe, NM.


Cutting funds for after school art programs in a city as creatively renowned as Santa Fe would be like asking a Big-10 school to cut its football program. But, like many school districts across the country, SFPS must boldly confront declining federal funding and local budget shortfalls. SFPS successfully met this challenge head-on with an installation of Noribachi solar-LED lights and Quorio series lighting management systems. The new lights help save energy with both solar power and with special timing and motion sensors that shut the light off when no one is around. Now an 80% reduction in energy use translates into more after school programs, enriching students’ lives and helping the environment.


Parking lots – Noribachi 70W solar hybridized LED bulbs replace 400W HIDs. 140 solar-LED lights generate $22,400 in maintenance savings and 80% in energy savings each year.

Building interiors – Noribachi Quorio series power management system applied to existing lights. Indoor lights shut off after 10 minutes without sensing motion.

Date: May 09, 2013