Subaru of Glendale


Subaru of Glendale, Glendale, CA.


Lighting is very important for both nightclubs and car dealerships, but that’s where the similarities end. Unfortunately for Subaru of Glendale, their previous HID lighting had left the show lot, “looking like a nightclub” in all the wrong ways. Thanks to their savvy acumen, however, Subaru of Glendale selected Noribachi to deliver an LED illumination solution that turns their outdoor lot areas into a sunny afternoon on even the darkest night. Now the dealership is a beacon enticing customers from blocks away. True-color, extremely bright light retains the cars’ beauty for night-time shoppers, and keeps the lots secure when the business is closed for the evening. And while patrons may still dance with joy for their new vehicles, there’s certainly no confusion that they are indeed at one of the best lit auto dealerships anywhere, instead of the club.


Two 1000W HID bulbs were replaced with 356W LED shoebox fixtures, with an additional 22 new LED shoebox fixtures installed. Subaru of Glendale reduced their energy use while increasing the total brightness of their show lots to a level only possible with Noribachi LED illumination.

Date: May 09, 2013