The Bosque School


The Bosque School is an independent college preparatory school with a nationally recognized environmental monitoring program and an ongoing quest to become more ecologically sensitive. Bosque is actively reducing energy consumption on its campus in Albuquerque, New Mexico while teaching students how energy works and why conservation matters.


School Interior, Gymnasium, and Exterior Walls, The Bosque School, Albuquerque, NM.


30 fixtures retrofitted with solar-LED bulbs save over $11,000 annually.


Not every high school rocks ultra efficient LEDs in all its outdoor fixtures, but Bosque stands out in the crowd like the guy in a leather jacket at prom. It isn’t always easy being a rebel, but in this case the nonconformist move is one in the right direction. The Bosque School reduced its energy use by almost 100% with solar-LED lights and uses them as an educational opportunity on sustain- ability for its students. Sometimes you just have to stand up to the crowd.

Customer:The Bosque School
Date: May 02, 2013