TomKelly’s Chophouse and Pub


TomKelly’s Chophouse and Pub in New Lenox, IL.


Tomkelly’s Chophouse and Pub needed an energy efficient solution to their old outdoor lighting, which gave off a dark, dingy yellow glow and did little to properly illuminate their building and parking areas. They chose to use the Noribachi brand of LED bulbs in a cool white color temperature to retrofit their bollards and for new fixtures for their parking area. The brilliant clean white color of the LED lighting makes TomKelly’s stand out like a beacon to the hungry masses, inviting them in with clear views of their building and a well lit parking area. Even better, the new lighting gives a significant cost-savings.


A range of Noribachi LED offerings, including bollards with our 24W light engine retrofits and SHOEBOX.M fixtures with 84W LED light engine retrofits.

Date: February 11, 2014