USA Auto Group


USA Auto Group, Temple Hills, MD


The 20-plus-year-old dealership’s existing lighting was old and was producing inferior illumination at escalated costs.


For the project, Noribachi engineered 95 outdoor and 500 interior fixtures with LED lighting retrofits for USA Auto Group’s 20-plus-year-old 50,000 sq. ft. dealership in Temple Hills, Maryland. The project scope replaced HID, fluorescent and metal halide lamps with high efficiency, high brightness LED fixtures. Even the existing 1000W metal halide lamps, with a 1090W consumption rate and experiencing varying degrees of deterioration, were easily replaced with 210W LEDs throughout the dealership’s parking lot, resulting in a decrease of more than 80% power consumption.

“As a registered small business trade ally for Pepco, Maryland, we were able to get the local utility company to cover 95% of the entire installation cost for the customer,” said Steve Gerber, President, Intelligent Energy Light and Power. “We were able to reduce their entire lighting energy consumption by 72% while eliminating thousands of dollars in existing labor and lighting maintenance costs while dramatically improving the light quality.”

Date: January 10, 2015