Waterworks Aquatics


Waterworks Aquatics, Irvine, CA.

Waterworks Aquatics is a public aquatic center to educate and motivate people of all ages to be safer and learn proper swimming techniques.


The 32,000 square foot facility, including 3 enclosed pools, a 6-lane Junior Olympic-sized outdoor pool and parking lot, was dimly lit due to its out-of-date high pressure sodium lighting. The dim and inconsistent lighting throughout the facility did not reflect the fun energy of the Waterworks Aquatics programs.

Moisture and heat from the pools also dramatically shortened the lifespan of the existing high pressure sodium fixtures making it expensive to maintain.


To enhance the interior pool experience, Noribachi custom engineered a LED lighting solution using sealed Wallpack.T fixtures, with a custom blue and purple HEX-042 uplight light engine and a cool white (5700K) HEX-021 downlight light engine to provide extra light to the perimeter of the pools. Lowbay.2 LED fixtures with a LIN-072 lighting engine were also installed to increase light levels.

The Waterworks Aquatics office also received an LED lighting upgrade with 175 LED T8 Tubes that reduced power consumption by 50%. The heat in the office during the day was also dramatically reduced, resulting in lowering the HVAC overhead costs and increased employee overall comfort.

Noribachi also had a quick and easy fix for the parking lot by using prefabricated Zippy Kits! to retrofit the 18 400W high pressure sodium parking lot lights that reduced power consumption by 73%.

“The LED replacement has improved the ambience throughout our center,” says Jon Alpert, President of Waterworks Aquatics. “Our visitors are extremely enthusiastic about the addition of color inside Waterworks because it brings a higher level of fun to the water. These Noribachi LED lights are absolutely stunning.”

Date: July 26, 2016