Zinc Air Inc.


Zinc Air’s Research and Development Center in Columbia Falls, MT.


When you’re located just minutes away from one of America’s treasured natural wonders, Glacier National Park, it’s imperative to have sustainability in mind. After all, the status quo is melting the ice faster than the deer disappear during Montana’s hunting season. That’s why Zinc Air develops next generation batteries that bolster the efficiencies of solar and wind energy. But manufacturing a product that is crucial to the future of power is only half the environmental battle; Zinc Air was also prescient enough to extend their company’s sustainable mind-set into all aspects of their facilities. After researching more than 50 products to help improve their energy use Zinc Air selected Noribachi LED bulbs as the best solution.


In the warehouse, 17 Noribachi 121W custom retrofit LED bulbs replaced 400W metal halides and 2 Noribachi LED fixtures replaced T8 fluorescents. Additionally all office lighting was upgraded with Noribachi T8 LED tube lighting. Noribachi’s smart energy solutions reduced Zinc Air’s energy use by 75% while also increasing the overall brightness by 10%. The project generated an R.O.I of only 26 months.

Date: May 03, 2013