Wait, that’s LED? No way!

Preserving History

Image Courtesy: Los Angeles CondosPreserving the historical aesthetic of buildings is slowly becoming the norm and we at Noribachi love it! Architects and property owners are finally beginning to appreciate the character and value their buildings bring to their real estate and surrounding neighborhoods.

Industrial warehouses in Downtown LA are transforming into live-work lofts with open layouts, large windows and ceilings that seem to stretch for miles. There’s nothing quite like living or working in a piece of history.

History Isn’t Cheap

Maintaining a historical building, which is most often wrought with old plumbing and electrical wiring, can be expensive, making utilities costly as well if the use of older fixtures and appliances are continued.

In fact, over 20% of the expenses incurred come from electricity and utilities alone. That’s a huge chunk of money probably better spent on décor or on landscaping.

What if you could enjoy the look of a classically restored building complete with its original lighting fixtures AND still save as much as 80% on your electricity bill?

With Noribachi, you can have your light and L-E-D it too! Thanks to a variety of compact shapes, Noribachi’s modular light engines are designed from the ground up with the ability to fit in virtually any light fixture.

Custom LED Retrofit Process

After receiving a sample fixture or reflector, Noribachi engineers begin the retrofit process by measuring usable surface area, which is married to Noribachi LEDs via CLUs or common lighting units.
CLUs are geometrically arranged to maximize the refractive property of the fixture and work with the heat distribution system and drivers to power the light as efficiently as possible.

Each job is different and is assembled and finished by hand in our Hawthorne, CA headquarters.

The light engines are then shipped to customers where licensed electricians install them in place of the light bulbs and ballasts on site.

The highly customizable form factor of our diodes allows us to replicate the color temperature, brightness, drive current, and look of existing lights.

Yes, Way!DSC_5204

Earlier this year, The City of Manhattan Beach selected Noribachi to outfit its architecturally stylized lamps along Manhattan Beach Boulevard with warm white LEDs. The result is a beautiful and seamless integration of bleeding edge technology with the time tested aesthetic of yesteryear.

33Old Town Albuquerque’s gas lamps were also left virtually unchanged, save for their internal structure and their reduction in energy and maintenance costs. You’d be hard-pressed to think they were LED, but they are!

DSC00925Custom retrofits are also ideal solutions for modern fixtures and work the same way. Automotive dealerships such as Mercedes-Benz of Billings and Lexus of Santa Monica needed to maintain certain design elements, which included their existing lighting fixtures made for metal halide or induction bulbs and ballasts.

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