Win Free LED Bulbs from Noribachi and Cool Your Summer Energy Bills

Yes. You read right! $520 worth of L-E-D bulbs for F-R-E-E!

Jump over to our Facebook page (, ‘like’ us if you haven’t done so (we know you love us already), and share our image! If you’re on Facebook…it’s almost as easy as flipping a switch.

About the bulbs:

Win 10 of me!


  • 6.4W (replaces 40W equivalent)
  • Cool White (6000K)
  • Dimmable
  • Instant on-off
  • 50,000+ hour lifetime
  • Set of 10, a $518.88 value


Imagine the possibilities of your new bulbs and energy savings!

  • Replace the bulbs in your office lamps and take the summer vacation you deserve.
  • Switch out your vanity lights and go on a shopping spree.
  • Upgrade your kitchen bulbs and have a private chef prepare dinner.


It’s completely up to you! Care to share? Let us know on Facebook!


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